The project concerns 120 women from Chennai and around, who wants to take advanced tailoring courses in order to develop an income generator activity afterward.
IRDRP already completed this program the last two years. It was certainly successful in doing so, all the women learnt a lot of skills. IRDRP has now gained a huge amount of experience and wishes to reiterate this project.
Today, we have enough machines for 30 women as long as the place, our own Technical School in the Melathur Somangalam village and a new place in our office (2 nd floor and 3 rd floor).


  • 1. To give tailoring vocational training to the adolescent girls, women
  • 2. Provide training in dressmaking in order to acquire the necessary skills to integrate the textile industry.
  • 3. To enhancing the employability of 120 Nos disadvantaged and poor women, adolescent girls vocational and skill trainings in tailoring.