Sponsor of Orphan Children infected & Affected by HIV AIDS


In India it’s difficult to have numbers regarding the HIV pandemic, especially when it comes to children. In Chennai, there are a lot of people infected with HIV/AIDS. Due to the lack of communication, to the marginalization, a lot of people don’t know they are infected, especially in villages.
A lot of children need help regarding disabilities or important diseases, help the government does not provide to their families. Since 10 years now, IRDRP set a program of sponsorship for vulnerable children in Chennai or in the villages around. Their families struggle to take care of these children with special needs, and with the help of our international sponsors, we try to provide this help.


  • 1. Support children’s education, nutritious foods, medical expenses, travelling to get treatments, hospitals visit etc.
  • 2. Provide free new clothing, shoes, and study materials during Christmas and Pongal (Tamil harvest festival).

IRDRP works in partnership with Orphelins Sida International (International HIV Orphan) and CAF (Children Are the Future), to support 19 orphan children infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. They send 1500-1900 Rs every month to each children and their families.
This money is used to feed them, dress them properly, to pay scholarship fees or higher studies, school materials etc. It’s an important help for the families that raised the children now. Every month we conduct meetings for them and give some inputs sessions on health, education and cleanliness.
Every 4 months, we also conduct an important monitoring with : we ask them about their lives, their health, how things went at school, what are their expectations, how things go in their families.