Orphan Children With HIV

In India it’s difficult to have numbers regarding the HIV pandemic, especially when it comes to children. In Chennai, there are a lot of people infected with HIV/AIDS. Due to the lack of communication, to the marginalization that comes with this disease, a lot of people don’t know they are infected, especially in villages. That leads to infected people getting married and have children. The medicine have made great improvement these past few years, now the antiretroviral are easily accessible. But a lot of children lost their parents due to the virus, and are now orphan and infected, living among their relatives or foster families.

IRDRP works in partnership with OrphelinsSida International (International HIV Orphan), a French organization, to support 15 orphan children infected and affected with HIV/AIDS in Chennai, Tiruvallur and Kanchipuram District. OSI provides 15 sponsors who send 1500 Rs every month to the children and their families. 5 more children are supported by the sponsors from the Belgium association Children Are the Future. This money is used to feed them, dress them properly, to pay scholarship fees or higher studies, school materials etc. It’s an important help for the families that raised the children now. They are well surrounded, and are not exposed to marginalization because of their disease.

Every month we conduct meetings for them and give some inputs sessions on health, education and cleanliness. This was very supporting to care takers to educate their children in a good manner.At the beginning of the year, we had a meeting with HIV/AIDS infected orphan children for their education sponsorship program. We discussed the importance of vitamins and minerals for their disease control. We also taught Natural vitamins sources in Plants, animals and fruits.

In February and March we conducted an important monitoring with 5 then 15 children: we asked them about their lives, their health, how things went at school, what are their expectations, how things go in their families. Then we made small videos for the sponsors in France and Belgium so that they can see the children. We conduct big monitoring like this twice a year, in addition with the little meetings every month.