We enrolled 17 girls, specially made up for quarries girls. With this program, IRDRP wants to promote vocational training for quarries women, to reduce the socially exclusion and discrimination of these women, to guide them to get good jobs, career guidance and career opportunities.
We select these girls according to the criteria commissioned by the government. They just have passed the 10 th standard, must be aged 16 in the beginning and 18 to have jobs at the end. The salaries of the students are already improve the family living and expand their buying power. They can feed better and we hope this extra income will enjoy improve the education of the younger brothers and sisters.


  • 1. Promote vocational training for quarries women
  • 2. To reduce the socially exclusion, discrimination of these women


Six Months of Theory
The nurses and doctors who are coming to teach the students reported that the students were very motivated, there wasn’t any discipline issues and they were highly motivated to continue their behaviour. All students fell engaged in and empowered by what they are learning. With all this new knowledge that they have about the theoretical part, they learned to be more confident and responsible during the fourth semester of internship.

Six Months of Practical Experience
All the students completed a convincing internship, they were given opportunities to put their theoretical knowledge to work with professionals who have experience. During their internship, they earned, on the average, 6000 Rs (84 euros). Their parents’ salaries are much lower.