Chennai faced heavy rain in November and December 2015; most of the places affected by lake opening and lake cuts due to over flow of water and over accumulation of water. This situation made all sectors of communities to suffer without work, earning, food, basic needs and many families had lost all their belonging.
We also immediately started a program with Habitat for Humanity to build/rebuild the houses that have been damaged or destroyed. This project was launched in April 2016 with the entire team of Habitat for Humanity India, along with many volunteers.


  • 1. Help vulnerable population in the worst affected areas by the Flood of December 2015 to rebuild or repair their home.
  • 2. Providing proper toilets for the communities


Houses Repairs
With the support of the villages Self Help Group and community leaders, we identified families whose houses have been destroyed by the flood and who needed our help. The EICHER Foundation in partnership with IRDRP and Habitat for Humanity are financing the rebuilding of the houses in the villages.
The ultimate aim of the project is to provide safe and secure shelter to families with an affordable cost and ensure their standard of living and facilitating them on sustainable development measures.
For now we completed 200 government group houses repairs

New Housing Construction
Some houses were totally damaged and could not do any repairs. We suggested to go for low cost new houses with toilets. One house will be about 300 square feet with a kitchen, bathrooms and a main room.
For now we completed 23 houses and 18 houses are still on progress in the villages.

New Housing for People with Disabilities
IRDRP and donors are building houses for disabled people. We want to provide new houses in replacement of those they lost in the flood to make the persons with disabilities self-reliable and independent.
Those houses are built in consideration of disabled people: access ramp, lower kitchen, special bathrooms and rounded corners.

Toilets Program:
IRDRP wants to provide new sanitary toilets to few families.
Poor sanitation and contaminated water cause 80 percent of the diseases afflicting rural areas in India.
In 2016, IRDRP started a pilot sanitation toilet project. For now, a total of 50 toilets were built and completed in the villages. We’re also implemented 35 toilets units only for girls in the RMC School.