Chennai faced heavy rain in Northeast Monsoon in November and December 2015 for an entire month; most of the places affected by lake opening and lake cuts due to over flow of water and over accumulation of water. This situation made all sectors of communities to suffer without work, earning, food, basic needs and many families had lost all their belonging. IRDRP worked in 15 villages in Chennai and Kanchipuram districts. More than 100 houses per villages were totally submerged by water and damaged all the people belongings.

The objectives were:

  • i)   People immediately requested food, sleeping mat, bed sheets
  • ii)  Then household things like rice, foodstuff, groceries, children notebooks and bags, dresses to children.
  • iii) Humanitarian Aid Kit for needing people, diseased people, low income groups, followed with five criteria. IRDRP followed it and surveyed Chennai peripheral areas and      selected worst affected villages.
  • iv) Some people lost their home, a part of our work was to provide them new habitations so they could live properly.

We proceeded from the beginning of the December month to food distribution first for around 500 people, then we distributed food, milk, bread, biscuits to 750 people, and we distributed 2000 bags of rice to 955 families few days later.
We also immediately started a program with Habitat for Humanity to build/rebuild the houses that have been damaged or destroyed (more information in “Programs” in our home page). We are grateful to all of our national and international partners who helped us doing this period.