Every 4 months, IRDRP receives one batch of 40 students to give them the opportunity to develop their knowledge and professional skills on computer. The purpose of this program is for the students to improve their skills so they can find a job after the 4 months training. At the end of the 4 months, we organize a meeting with professionals who help them by developing their employability, increasing job opportunities. We also organize group job interviews with companies, institutions.


  • 1. To give more technical training and skills in order to start decent jobs in the city.
  • 2. To provide job placement and job camps.


Computer Courses
The students are coming from Monday to Saturday to learn how to type, to use an email address and how to use the Microsoft Office, which are the skills required to work in companies nowadays. We have 10 computers in our office. Our staff, three women from the first batch who are now working for IRDRP, help them whenever they need.

Spoken English Classes

We are doing Spoken and basics English classes: we divide each course in two. One part of the students goes with the staff to learn basics English (the younger ones), and the advanced students (usually the students in their last year of college) goes with our two volunteers to do spoken class: they organize debates, discussions to make the practice.

Retail Management
The students have retail management courses, to teach them about commercial work. They learn about communication (body language, greeting and directing customers) , about sail and retail, closing deals, then packaging and promoting products. The purpose is for them to find a job a salesman/saleswoman and then to work at a higher level in marketing in the same companies they start in.